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Jeanea and I have both been saved since our teen years, attended church all our lives, and married for 26 years. We have been blessed with three children, Joran, Leah, and Anna and our daughter-in-law, Vicky and son-in-law, Josh. 

Jeanea has taught for Georgia Cyber Academy since 2016 and has worked in the public school system in Ga for most of her career. She is not only a great wife and mom but has always been by my side assisting in ministry. 


A while back we were asked to name one person who has made the greatest impact on our lives. I had difficulty doing so but then it hit me; it's because I have had so many to make a difference in my life. Almost all of them have served in the church and helped me become the person I am today.  Because of these kinds of influences in both our lives, we believe in the work of the church and are grateful to serve on the U.S. mission field.

After serving in Assembly of God churches for 31 years, 9 as Lead Pastor, I'm grateful that as a U.S. Missionary I am able to serve pastors, churches, and AG ministries so they can more effectively reach the lost and help people become what God has planned for them to be.


My official responsibility is to oversee Church Projects, Church Teams, and RV Volunteers within the U.S. Missions department, Church Mobilization, for the state of Georgia. I am considered the RV Ministry Field Representative for Georgia. Church Mobilization is "mobilizing for ministry". My main focus is mobilizing volunteers to assist Assembly of God ministries with construction-related projects. If you have any questions, I am just a call or text away.

Thanks for checking out our site, and if we haven't met you face to face, we hope we get the chance!



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